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Providing us with as much information as possible will help us decide on your application more quickly.

Are you eligible to apply to the Trust for help?

The Trust is here to help see you through difficult times. If you are having significant money problems, you may be able to apply to the Trust for help towards the cost of your water bill.

Your difficulties may be due to any number of reasons, such as:

  • Unemployment
  • Receiving very low wages
  • Chronic illness
  • Being made redundant
  • Relationship breakdown or bereavement

The Trust takes applications from people who are in arrears with their water bills (including sewerage services), either for the current year, or from previous years, as well as from those who have had a sudden change in their circumstances (for example, redundancy) that may result in only a short-term period of hardship. Only customers of South Staffs Water and Cambridge Water may apply for help. View a map of the company's supply area if you need to check if you are a customer of South Staffs Water or Cambridge Water.

Priority for help from the Trust will be given to those applicants who are willing to make some contribution towards the cost of their bill – usually between £1 and £2 a week, depending upon your weekly disposable income. Giving a commitment to making regular payments will greatly improve your chances of a successful application for assistance. In exceptional circumstances, the entire cost of the bill may be met, or, in the case of those people suffering temporary difficulties, a grant of up to six months' payments may be made.

If you are working, you may still be able to apply to the Trust, particularly if you have large arrears on your water bill or if your bill is based on a high rateable value of your property, as assistance from the Trust depends upon your disposable income.

Anyone who has already received help from the Trust may apply again. However, your application must show that your circumstances have changed in some way since your previous application.

If you do not qualify for help through the Charitable Trust, then there is another scheme, called WaterSure that you might be entitled to. This scheme is open to those people who have a water meter, who also receive either tax credits or one of a number of benefits and who either have three children at home under the age of 19, or who have someone in the household suffering one of a number of medical conditions that results in extra water being used. For more information, go to South Staffs Water's website at: or Cambridge Water's website at:

How to apply

There are a number of ways in which we receive applications. These are:

  • Direct from South Staffs Water or Cambridge Water customers
  • From organisations like the Citizens Advice Bureau
  • From local authorities
  • Or from the billing and collections team at your water company

Download the application form: PDF format (184kb).

To view PDF files, you need to haveAdobe Readerinstalled on your computer.

You will need to complete the form, giving full information on your income and expenditure, along with evidence of all household income, and with evidence of expenditure. All of the information you give us will be kept completely confidential.

Providing us with as much evidence as you can about your income and expenditure is extremely important, as without this the Trust may not be able to consider your application.

If you have any problems filling in the application, you can get advice either from the Charitable Trust Administrator, or from your local CAB.

When completed, please send the form, along with evidence of income, to:

The Administrator
South Staffordshire Water Charitable Trust
Green Lane
WS2 7PD.

For more information, please ring us on: 0300 3300033 or email us at


Can the Trust help you?

1Read the 'eligibility' section opposite to see if you think you may qualify for help.

2If you think you may qualify for help, read 'how to apply' section. If you're not sure about your eligibility, contact the Trust Administrator or the CAB for help and advice.