South Staffordshire Water Charitable Trust
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Who we are

The South Staffordshire Water Charitable Trust is a registered charity set up to help people in difficulties pay their water bill.

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The Charitable Trust provides financial assistance to deserving customers experiencing hardship and financial difficulty, in the form of contributions to their water bills and arrears. This website aims to provide details of the support offered and the information we require to make this support available to those most in need.

Chairman of the Trustees,
John Thompson

South Staffordshire Water Charitable Trust

Water is something we all take for granted. We use it every day and it is vital for our health and hygiene. While turning on a tap is easy, paying the bill for the water we use may be more difficult.

If meeting the cost of your water bill is causing you hardship, then help may be at hand through the South Staffordshire Water Charitable Trust. As a registered charity, the Trust runs entirely independently of your water company and assists with the cost of meeting the bill for the company's customers who are facing genuine difficulties or distress.

If you are having problems paying your bill, please read through this website to see whether the Trust may be able to help you.